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Junction of Grove Road and Moulsham Street

Whilst working on a project with Children, looking at Tudor Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. We were researching the street and found that a ghost was haunting one of the buildings. The Building used to be Hussey and Greaves art supplies, but now is a Tesco Express.

It sits on the corner of Grove Road and Moulsham Street. We were lucking in interviewing two of the female employees; they both told us of the ghost that haunted the shop. The youngest of the women said “ She had been told about the ghost but disbelieved it, then one day whilst in the shop and she had the strangest sensation, it was as if something cold had walked through her and then there was a strong smell of damp dog.”

This seemed to be a regular occurance as the other shop workers and regular customers just shrugged and said that’s the ghost. People also got a pecular feeling that someone was looking over their shoulder oir walking past them and would raise the hairs on the back of their necks, they would smile and say that had just felt the ghost.

Moulsham history is that there was a roman garrison stationed on the site and at a later date there was a monastery built on the same spot. The older woman whoi had worked at the store for most of her working life and had seen it a lot over the years. She had got to the point where it was like an old friend. She thought it was an old monk, she called it a smelly monk that had bad body odour and hadn’t washed its habit in a while.

So the big question is does Tesco have a ghost????


Chris Matthews is a photographer who ives in Chelmsford and whilst working on a project this story came to light