Harwich 1

Harwich pier

During WW2, Reuben Day witnessed a bomb landing in the mud in Harwich harbour. He ran home to tell his family but no one believed him and over the course of time, forgot that he'd ever mentioned it. Some time later a piece of metal was spotted sticking out of the mud at low tide, and provided a handy place to moor a boat. For many years, probably as long as 3 or 4 decades, people tied their boat to this handy mooring. In 2013 however, upon closer inspection, it was found to be a German V2 rocket, nose down, with about 5 ft of it exposed. This meant that the remaining 41 feet, and possibly the warhead, were beneath the mud.

A few days later, the bomb disposal squad discovered that the warhead was missing and the ordnance posed no thread to anyone. However, they still removed the V2 remains and donated them to a local sailing club.


We met with local resident and tour guide Ron Weyda, who told us this story, among many others.