First site 1

Firstsite in Colchester.

Several members of staff and security have said that in recent months they have 'felt' a presence of someone in the building, when they couldn't see anybody there. Other employees have also noticed that things have gone missing, or have been moved, with no one else knowing how this could have happened. The strange happenings have occured both at night and during the day.

A security officer working on the night shift said that it often sounds like there is footsteps in the area between the mosaic and the front reception, and usually between 12 midnight and 1am. He also had a scary experience one night: whilst in the sitting in the cloak room he felt a hand touch his left shoulder but when he turned around there was nobody there. The room has an automatic light, but as this was off, meant that there could have been no one in the room. A cleaner also felt something touch his foot whilst there was no explanation of how it could have happened as the building was otherwise empty. 

Two people invigilating the exhibitions during open hours were following someone around the space, as is the custom during an exhibition, for at least ten minutes before realising there was nobody actually in the gallery.


We heard accounts of these activities from Bethan and from a security officer.